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In the not too distant future, Touch solutions will be a mutual compulsory friend who helps you to achieve your goals and reach the junctures of your voyage...




eyesTouch Kiosk

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Highly interactive and Customizable software which custom built according to the client requirements.


Very interactive displays and architecture team chosen colors to match the client premises and client requirements


These kiosks are built to maximize the user experience by enhancing the touch capabilities. Up to 10 finger touch surface, Multi gesture control, pinch to zoom, rotate, pinch to close and many more...


yes, it is internet built in kiosk and feature packed web services. Mails, Videos, Websites and many more


Its not only fun, its more. these kiosks will enrich your business into a next level of advertising and information sharing


That’s why we are special, we give you a remarkable service and effective software. We will develop the software with you and for you. it’s like your creation

Hence, make your office and your sweet home, a consummated one with the quintessence of touch systems
– The Coffee Table –

Modern Outlets

Now has enabled the customers to feel the products even being outside.

Bus Shelters

Explore the newest,while you waiting. Shelters guide you all the way through entertainment


Make yourselves home while having food and get done all needy via apps